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Who is writing and talking here?

We’re Alexander Schacht and Paolo Eusebi. We create and edit the content, in addition to managing our work lives, home lives and being continuous learners. We invite you to come and learn along with us to work more effectively, lead courageously, and solve problems innovatively.


Alexander Schacht

Alexander is a Statistician and the Executive VP of Launch and Commercialisation Data Sciences at Veramed. Alexander studied mathematics and received his PhD in biostatistics on non-parametric statistics from the University of Göttingen in Germany. He has authored more than 70 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and regularly speaks at international conferences, such as PSI and EADV.

With more than 20 years of experience working as a statistician in healthcare, Alexander is working primarily on phase IIIb and IV (RCT, observational studies, HTA submission, commercialisation work) with some regulatory work, as well as some work within the early phases of clinical development.

Alexander is interested in a broad range of methodological areas with a specific focus on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies make better, data-driven decisions. In fact, this keen interest saw Alexander become the chair of the EFSPI/SPI SIG on benefit-risk, founder and chair of the data visualisation SIG and the Launch and Lifecycle SIG. Alexander has also served PSI as a board director responsible for communications.

Alexander is a happy husband and father of three wonderful kids, who he credits for his continued passion and drive to help patients worldwide. In his spare time, Alexander loves running and listening to podcasts.

Paolo Eusebi

Statistician and statistical programmer, Paolo received his PhD in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Perugia, Italy. His work investigated several applications in the fields of graphical modeling and latent variables.
For 20 years, Paolo has worked as a statistician in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and the public health sector. He has also led and co-led led several research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Health and the European Commission. His main research interests are bayesian modeling, evidence synthesis, patient-reported outcomes, subgroup identification, and data visualization. He is an active member of the Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI).

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Learn more about us in our first episode of the podcast and check out our linkedin profiles:

Is this podcast for you?

The Effective Data Scientists helps data scientists both at a junior and experienced level. We’ll cover topics relevant for those with and without administrative leadership positions. Our examples arise from the health sector mainly, but we assume, that data scientists outside of this industry will surely benefit as well.

How will this podcast boost your career?

Learning and following up on the topics in our podcast will help you to become more effective at work through:

  • learning about ongoing methodological discussions
  • Applying better statistical methods
  • building competency
  • becoming a leader (with or without an administrative title)
  • Influencing without authority
  • Building your brand
  • Getting the right things done effectively
  • Collaborating effectively within and across companies/organizations

We will accompany the different episodes with corresponding code to advance your programming skills and help you apply what you have learned directly. Of course, we cannot cover multiple languages. When we talk about upcoming events, we will always focus on the content to make the podcast episodes as valuable as possible.

Our approach to podcasting

We’re aiming high by producing our show weekly, with possible exceptions being vacation periods. We target our episodes at a length of about 20 to 30 minutes, but ultimately, the content will drive the duration.

We want to balance our show with co-hosting episodes during which we discuss topics between the 2 of us with interview sessions. Possible, we might have single speaker episodes in the future as well as we are experimenting how to best deliver value to the listeners.

If you have any suggestion for relevant topics, proposals for interesting interview guests, or other comments on the show, please contact us via LinkedIn.

The Effective Statistician and how it relates to The Effective Data Scientist

The Effective Statistician is the mother-podcast of The Effective Data Scientist. Alexander and Benjamin started this podcast in March 2018. Some episodes apply also to data scientists and will be re-published on The Effective Data Scientist. 

Gary Sullivan and Alexander Schacht created a leadership program designed to help statisticians and data scientist to grow their leadership skills under The Effective Statistician brand. Here leadership concentrates mostly on influencing skills, which data scientists need to work effectively with non-data scientists. Learn more about this program here!

Behind the scenes: Reine Escalona

From being a Virtual Assistant, and now an owner of her podcast management and production company VVS, Reine has built her team of experts to provide quality services to leaders and coaches from the pre-production of podcasts and their post-production to organic and paid promotions to social media.

Currently, here in The Effective Data Scientist, I get involved in digital marketing and multimedia production. I edit audios and videos for the podcast and the leadership program, transcription, posting content to the website, email marketing, and social media management.

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