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On Building Your Own Company (Episode 23)

In this episode, we’ll cover an amazing story by one of the best programmers and mentors I ever worked with – Shafi Chowdhury (

We’ll explore how it changed from being a freelance programmer only to building his company on the side. He had a great vision in mind, that drove him forward.

You’ll also hear about his approach to teaching and mentoring – or in general helping people do their job better. His abundance mindset inspires me a lot. Shafi explains, why and how he made his own job redundant in his own company.

Retention is a major cost driver and disrupts some companies a lot. You’ll learn how he manages to have nearly no turnover in his company and how is approach to recruiting and training new employees fits in to this.

Further, we’ll cover how and why Shafi and his team regularly presenting at different conferences. We’ll especially go deeper on this presentation at the PSI conference in 2017 about an amazing tool to analyse and visualize data at the same time. His approach to delivering all this innovation is unique.

Finally, you’ll learn a lot about the leadership attitude that helped him grow his business fast into a medium-sized CRO with a very stable client base.